Bars of gold

Beautiful, big canal rudd

by Colin Hebb

I would just like to talk about my very special canal that I have just a few miles away from me and it holds some really big Rudd. 

The first thing I do is to get my tackle ready the night before so I am not setting up on the bank making noise. I use a 13ft drennan float rod with a small Drennan Reel loaded with 6lb line and a small size 8 hook.

I like to get to the canal very early around 3am and I open the gate and walk through stopping at the water’s edge. I then listen for any signs of feeding fish we have some over hanging bushes on the far bank and insect’s such as slug’s and Ants and other buds fall in and this is what the Rudd feed on.

What I like to do is leap frog down the canal giving each swim around 10 minutes just to see if anything is about. Then I feed around 4 pieces of floating bread flake just short of the over hanging bushes and wait and see if there is any fish in the area. It can take some time to find the fish searching 3 miles of canal but I love it.

Walking and watching the wildlife I often see barn owl’s hunting in the meadow’s and deer’s grazing in the fields.

So on this occasion it was pretty quick and I had found some feeding fish under a bush so I cast my floating bread flake into that spot and within seconds it was taken by a very big fish. I am not sure what it is yet but I am hoping it’s one of the big Rudd that live in this canal so on the strike the fish came right out of the water hoping to shake the hook but when it hit the surface it was still connected. Then it decides to go into the lillies and around the roots but I managed to get the fish out.

And as it came over my landing net a beautiful bar of gold was waiting for me in the net. I turned my head torch on and for a few seconds just marvelled at it the beautiful blood red fins and the golden colours on the scales. So I quickly unhooked and weighted a beautiful 3lb 2oz golden canal rudd and that is before the day has began.

After resting her for 10 minutes in the landing net it was time to return her to her watery home.

Now I am packing up watching the mist rise off the wild canal and that is way I love early morning fishing the early bird catches the worm and all that.

Tight lines everyone.     

3lb 2oz of stunning, golden, canal rudd

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