Chub fishing adventures

This is where my love of chub fishing began…

by Phil Mapp

It’s far too difficult for me to pin point one aspect of chub that attracts me so much to fish for them. Everything involved in the way I fish for them, from the miles spent roving about with minimum gear to the plucky bites on the tip, I think it’s the whole package that I find so appealing.

Over the years I’ve realised how difficult a large chub can make it for an angler, given its environment and its natural behaviour of spending a lot of its life under cover/shelter.

Once I began to understand the life of the chub , it began to make the task of finding the larger fish that little more easier.

My favourite way of fishing for chub has to be the simple link ledger, which offers very little resistance if used correctly, allowing even the most weary of fish to move off with a baited hook, making this a very effective way of fishing.

There is one particular morning back in June 2017 on the Great Ouse that stands out for me, it was this morning that really started something…

I’d found a nice little spot that bottle necked in front of me, and opening back up wider a little to my right further down stream, with the rocks and stones just below the crease in the centre of this narrow spot I could see my margin was much darker and deeper, with this in mind I lowered my link ledgered luncheon meat down onto the waters surface and watched its disappear bouncing over the stones until it was out of sight, as I began to stop the line flow off the reel I noticed the water bringing my line round into my near margin maybe a rod length away or so.

Before I could set the rod on the rest I felt a thump, then another, then the whole rod went rod pulling my hand too, with that I struck , A loud crack echoed down the river as I watched my rod tip sliding down a very tight line and into the water. With another big thump the tightness almost eased, and to the surface rose my rod tip above a large chub.

Once the fish was in the net I could straight away it was a new personal best, unfortunately for the chub it had been attacked by what was probably a very large pike.

I think as the chub picked up my meat, the pike picked up the chub. Causing my rod to snap on the strike. With the chub weighing 6lb 4oz I was over the moon but disappointed in the condition of the chub after the attack. 

It was this particular morning that turned my passion into an addiction.

And with time I managed to go onto catch some truly epic fish as far as my personal fishing went. I feel very privileged and very blessed to have fished some amazing stretches of the Great Ouse….

My addiction became an obsession and there were times when I was very selfish and I only had one thing on my mind… constantly, it was all about the chub,  and to really push myself into seeing what could be achieved with maximum concentration…

Even when I’m happy I’m never really happy, not really, because I’m always thinking about the next snag, the next spot, the next fish.

Will it ever end… I don’t think it ever will. 

Not for me anyway… 

One thought on “Chub fishing adventures

  1. Paul vicary July 31, 2021 / 7:37 am

    Great blog, left me wanting more.


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