Dynamite Baits

Quality & Innovative baits that are proven to catch fish

If you’re looking for quality baits that catch plenty of fish – these latest offerings from Dynamite Baits should guarantee you get more than a few bites on your next session…

Frenzied Luncheon Meatcorn

Part of the Frenzied Meat range, Meatcorn its made using ultra-low fat meat and real sweetcorn pieces, which make it super durable for hair-rigging or hooking direct. Great for cutting into cubes for match fishing or just ripping off a chunk when fishing for bigger fish. The meat comes in vacuum sealed 250g packs to retain freshness. Expect to pay £2.99 at your local tackle shop. This isn’t just flavoured meat, they are infused with corn. Made specially for fishing on site at Dynamite!

Liquid Attractants

Available from all good tackle shops: RRP: £6.99

These brilliant liquid attractants come in 500ml bottles and are ideal for for spod mixes and boosting your hookbaits or feed boilies and can even be added to your PVA bag mixes for added attraction. They are packed with natural ingredients and come in a variety of flavours so you can match and use them with your favourite Dynamite boilies.

Chocolate Orange Groundbait and Super Strength Competition Liquid

Available from all good tackle shops

New for 2021, Big Fish Chocolate Orange groundbait is a proven match flavour, perfect for a variety of stillwater species from tench, carp to F1’s and bream. Comes in a generous 1.8kg bag and the liquid in a 250ml bottle. Expect to pay £6.29 for the groundbait and £4.25 for the liquid.


  • Sweet Chocolate Orange flavour perfect for match and coarse anglers on a variety of waters
  • Dark and sticky groundbait, easy to mix
  • Sweet flavours appeal to all fish
  • Versatile competition mix for all types of feeder from Method to cage

Dynamite Baits HARD Hookbaits

Available from all good tackle shops

Part of the Dynamite Big Fish range, these hard hookbaits have the same ingredients as the matching boilie range and same leakage but in a hardened, slower breakdown version. Perfect for when you need a hookbait to do its job over a long period of time or to fight off nuisance species.

Dynamite have developed a recipe that retains all the goodness of a boilie but provides a 48 hour breakdown – rather than just drying down boilies to make the baits harder! They can still be hair rigged with a standard baiting needle – no need for bait drills. This means you can have total confidence that when the carp turn up, your hook-bait will be as good as it was when it entered the water.

Available in two versions: 14/15mm or 20mm and in all of your favourite Dynamite boilie flavours. Expect to pay around £4.99 for a tub.

Wowsers Hookbaits

Five hi-vis, hookbaits including, new for 2021 yellow, designed for Method feeder, bomb or waggler and pole fishing for carp, F1’s, tench and bream on commercials, stillwaters and rivers.

Based on the hugely popular Speedy Washters. Each colour – purple, white, pink and orange has its own unique flavour which is highly attractive and contain essential oils that all fish species love. Available in three sizes – 5, 7 and 9mm.

  • Five colours each with their own unique secret flavour
  • Each colour is available in three sizes – 5, 7 and 9mm
  • Purple, white, pink, orange and new yellow
  • Based on Speedy’s Washters but hi-attract and highly visible to stand out amongst your pellets
  • Great as a feeder or bomb hookbait in murky water but can also be used on the float

Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Sweet Fishmeal groundbait

New for summer 2021, this is a sweet, fishmeal-packed version of Dynamite’s popular Marine Halibut groundbait. This mix has an increased boost of protein-packed fishmeal and a sprinkle of our Dynamite’s sweet palatant. This has resulted in a blend of course fishmeal-based particles, creating a distinct feeding carpet on the lake or river bed. Can be used for a wide-range of species too.

Expect to pay £4.45 for a 1kg bag at your local tackle shop.

For more info on these and other brilliant match, specimen and carp baits, visit Dynamitebaits.com