Ringers baits

The latest baits for match anglers

Looking for the latest quality and innovative baits for your next session? Get an edge with the Ringers bait range…

Ringers Chocolate
Orange range
RRP: £4.99

“What can i say about the award winning chocolate orange wafter range. 
These baits have caught more fish than its possible to even dream about.
The bright colour and sweet smell is irrisistable”
Phil Ringer, July 2021

Ringers Bag-up pellets (4mm Next Generation) RRP: £3.99

Available from all good tackle shops

4m expander pellet easy to prepare. One simple pump with a ringers pellet pump leave for half an hour and these firm textured expanders
are ready to go.

Ringers Boilie Crush RRP: £5.99

Available from all good tackle shops

Pimp up your micros with a sprinkle of boilie crush.  adds a gorgous colour and smell to any micro pellets. also takes on and absorbs flavour amazing well. comes in fluro orange yellow and pink. 

Ringers Feeder groundbait range RRP: £3.99

Available from all good tackle shops

European Feeder is a biscuit-based sweet blend that is easy to mix and has the right properties to ensure an even breakdown when used with all types of open-ended feeder.

Sweet Fishmeal Feeder mix is blended with a choice of the finest ingredients, creating a rich, complex, nutritious attraction stream that will draw fish to your swim, and ensure they’re focused on feeding, making it much more likely that you’ll get a take on your hook bait.

Good base for ground bait! Used in a feeder and brought the fish right to me!”

Excellent in feeder for F1s and Bream”

“Great for bream would highly recommend”

“It is very good I use it all the time”