Charter fishing at sea

A quite remarkable day…

Matt Marlow and friends enjoyed an unforgettable fishing trip aboard Andrew Alsop’s Whitewater II…

Words and photography Matt Marlow

The pictures are in of a quite remarkable day, on-board White Water Charters, with Andy, Carl and Theo. Anyone that has done this type of fishing knows that it’s all about teamwork. Without Andrew Alsop, the whole thing would be impossible for most of us to even contemplate attempting to do, let alone his incredible knowledge of the sea, its inhabitants, his superb boat – Whitewater II – and the excellent tackle supplied.

Your fishing partners are also a main contributing factor to success, as they help you out in so many ways during the insane fights on a busy deck, that you’d often struggle without them. Teamwork!

My catch of 4 x sharks over 100lb, 2 Porbeagles and one Blue, is therefore  something I couldn’t possibly claim as a solo catch, but I can claim to have fought them all alone, from take to touching the leaders, and boy do these things fight hard! Amazing creatures and they just don’t know when to give in. They really take it out of you and I I love it!

I also managed 2 not so good things….  I had a Porbeagle shark straightening an Eagle Claw hook, see photo, and what was undoubtably the fish of the day snapping a 500lb swivel whilst diving on the most powerful run from a fish I’ve ever experienced! Something Andy had never seen happen before, Trust it would be me 🤕 

The lads were waiting for me to break a rod or reel next, but luckily no more tackle mashing or lost sharks 😬

On what was a quite remarkable days sharking, Carl and Theo both had 3 sharks each too, but they are their tales to tell. But I must say they are fantastic people to spend a day with…. both very experienced anglers, generous and great fun to be around.

Thanks again for the invite Theo, you’re an absolute legend.

A few weeks Prior to this Theo and I also went out of Penarth with Andy for a day chasing Smoothounds. The pictures show what a great day we had of wonderful mixed fishing, with lots of species caught. Theo’s Big Huss was the fish of the day for me, at at least 15lb. Great fun.

Just for the record, the Porbeagles were estimated by Andy at 125lb (New PB), 110lb and 115lb and the Blue (New PB) around 110lb. 

If you Have never shark fished, put it on your bucket list, it’s an incredible day out and one all anglers deserve to experience in their lives.

*No sharks were brought on board the boat on our days sharking. Andy is as conscientious as they come re looking after these incredible mini Great Whites and Blue Sharks.