Match tactics

Roach on the whip

Kelvin Tallett shows you how to bag a netful of roach on an often ignored tactic – the whip.

Words Kelvin Tallet Photography Lloyd Rogers

After a brief phone call from good friend Chris Ponsford the previous evening we arranged to meet up at Leamington Anglings Jubilee Pools for a few hours fishing. I duly arrived after a quick breakfast stop to find Chris had already got us a couple of pegs and after a quick chat we decided to split the day by Chris fishing the feeder for bream and me fishing the whip for roach.

My peg 5 on the pool is one I’ve fished many time so knew that my 5 metres to hand approach would work out perfect here. I set up on my trusty old Daiwa Harrier whip with a flick tip and with this being slightly softer in action than my other whips would help should I hook some better fish.

I mixed up some Bait-Tech Max Feeder and Special G Dark as the roach and skimmers respond well to fish meal based groundbaits at this time of year. To the mix I added a few casters and some 2mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse pellets to help keep the fish on the bottom.

Only one rig was needed which was a 0.5g DH19 with strung 8s and 4 number 10s this gave me the bait fall I wanted. I kicked things off with 3 balls of GB and a few casters and had a fish first chuck a nice roach so things looked good for a few fish.

My steady approach of a ball of GB every two fish really got the fish feeding well and by the end of my 3 hours fishing I had amassed a decent double figure weight of fish mainly roach with a few skimmers too. I see a lot of angler while I’m out and not many of them feed very well this is key to catching fish get that right and you’ll catch lots more fish. Don’t be afraid to be positive in feeding your swim to get the best out of it and have yourselves a real red letter day.