First Cast = Big Perch

Yesterday was my first perch / predator trip of the traditional season. In fact I wasn’t even planning on going at all, but by 3pm I had finished my jobs and felt something in the air that made me want to get the rod out. Luckily, I found half a tub of lob worms in the shed that were still alive and had perch written all over them. 

I headed to a new venue just 20 minutes away, which I had been tipped off about for containing decent perch. I arrived to an big pond with no other anglers on and just set up in the middle where the margin looked deep with some tree cover and pads. A classic perch swim.

My rod wasn’t set up, so before I started putting that together, I chopped up half my worms, with some compost, and threw two big handfuls in the edge, a rod length out. 

The set up was quick, as I was free lining one and a half big lobworms on a very light quiver tip rod. A size six hook directly to 8lb mainline, strong stuff for perch, but when carp are present you need to be sensible. 

After just two minutes the rod tip twitched and then hooped over. I was expecting a carp, but when a big fat perch rolled on top I was pretty excited. Luckily the hook held firm and I had landed a special fish, well over 3lb. It was shaped like a rugby ball. 

I added three more smaller perch after that before the carp moved in and it was time to head home. It was an action packed hour and a half and I couldn’t believe my first cast of the predator season had produced such an impressive fish. I’m so pleased I went for that quick session and hopefully a few more trips like that will pay off this autumn and winter.

Cheers guys, Rich Wilby

Wood Common caught from Spitfire Pool at 51lb 2oz

“This week the moon was full and the conditions were perfect for big carp. My good mate, Karl Hamer, was down on Spitfire Pool in Norfolk hoping to catch his dream carp; the mighty Wood Common. 

On Wednesday evening the stars aligned and after a short battle, Karl was staring down at on the Uk’s finest carp. 
He called me straight away and a few of headed over to congratulate him and help out with the weighing and pics. 

She went 51lb 2oz and looked incredible on the bank. Karl tempted her on a simple multi-rig using a scoped pop-up. He used a baiting pole to position the rig near some pads. This spot has been baited up with Boilies fir 48hrs before he positioned a hook bait. 

Top angling Karl and a really well deserved new personal best. It was a pleasure to see on the bank along with your big smile.”

Cheers, Rich.

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