How to set-up a leger rig for pike & zander

Step 1

Here’s what you need to tie this simple and effective leger rig…

  • 1 x Fox leger stem
  • 1 x 2.5 oz weight
  • 1 x ready made trace
    (or home-made trace if you prefer) we recommend 15lb trace wire for zander with size 6 or 8 trebles and 28lb wire for pike with size 4 or 6 trebles.

Step 2

Clip on the lead weight onto the leger stem.

Step 3

Now thread the leger stem onto the mainline through the large run ring at the top.

Step 4

Now slide the stopper bead on (this comes with the Fox leger stem set). Then mount the bead over the trace swivel and slide the stem down onto the stopper (see pic below)

Step 5

The finished rig should look like this. Simply mount your dead bait of choice (roach for zander, mackerel, etc for pike) and you’re ready to go.