How to set-up a pike float rig

Step 1

Here’s what you need to tie this simple but effective pike dead bait rig…

  • 1 x pencil float
  • 2x beads
  • 1 x float stop
  • 1 x Fox Quick Change
    Egg Sinker
  • 1 x ready made trace

Step 2

Slide a float stop onto your main line. This will be set to the depth of water you are fishing in, i.e 10ft.

Step 3

Now slide on the first bead to your mainline, then the float via the attached swivel and then the second bead.

Step 4

Now slide the Egg Sinker on to your mainline and tie the ready made trace (or home-made if you prefer) on too.

Slide the silicone sleeve over the swivel eye to protect your knot and secure the weight to the trace.

When a pike takes your bait the float will pop up and lay flat on the surface before sliding away as the pike moves away with the bait. Now is the time to wind-down and strike!

Step 5

The finished rig should look like this. Simply mount your dead bait of choice (roach, mackerel, etc) and you’re ready to go.